Messages: Overview

What it does

Messages is a communication tool that allows site participants to communicate using internal course mail. Messaging between groups is also supported.

Key concepts

Viewing messages: Unread messages are in bold; viewed messages are permanently marked as read. By default, messages are listed chronologically, but you can select the By Conversation view to display messages in indented threads.

Composing messages: A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface allows rich text, plain text, and HTML editing. You can also add attachments.

Note: Pasting text from Microsoft Word directly into the WYSIWYG editor may result in garbled output, even if the text appears correct in the editor. Instead, to insert formatted text from a Word document, click the Paste from Word icon, place your cursor in the subsequent "Paste from Word" text box, and then press Ctrl-v in Windows, or Cmd-v on a Macintosh, to paste your copied text. Using Ctrl-v (or Cmd-v) to paste is the best method for preserving the formatting of the original Word document. Click OK to add the text to the item you are composing.

Message priority: You can set priority levels for messages to distinguish important messages from others.

Things to consider