Taking an assessment

To take an assessment, you can use the URL supplied by your instructor, or, from within Tests & Quizzes, click its name in the list of available assessments.

If you have the ability to create assessments in a site, you must use the URL to take an assessment. Otherwise, in Tests & Quizzes, you'll only be able to view the Assessments page, which contains your core and published assessments.

If you don't have the ability to create assessments in a site, and don't want to use the URL, follow these steps:

  1. From the site's menubar, click Tests & Quizzes.

  2. Under "Take an assessment", you will see a list of available assessments. Click an assessment's title to see information about the assessment, such as the date due, whether or not there is a time limit, and whether or not the assessment will automatically be submitted if the time limit expires.

  3. Click Begin Assessment to take the assessment, or Cancel to abort.

Depending on how the assessment has been set up, you may have the option during the assessment to save your work and continue, to submit it, and to return to previous sections or questions. When you click Submit for Grading, you will receive a confirmation number that you should keep.