Importing a calendar

Importing a calendar

Note: Before importing a calendar, you must use your calendaring program to export its information as a file. When you do so, make note of the file's location.

When working with Outlook calendars, for best results, export the calendar as a Windows .csv file, and when importing, choose Microsoft Outlook as the type of calendar file.

To import a calendar file:

  1. From the menubar, click Schedule.

  2. Click Import.

    Note: The absence of the Import option means that you don't have permission to import a calendar. In some sites' calendars, including your My Workspace, you may be able to change your permission settings. To do so, click Permissions, check the boxes under "import", and then click Save.

  3. Click the radio button beside the type of calendar file you are importing (Microsoft Outlook, Meeting Maker, or Generic calendar import (comma-separate values)), and then click Continue.

  4. Click Browse... and browse to the calendar file you want to import. When you have selected it, click Continue.

  5. You should now see a preview of the items to be imported. You may uncheck items that you don't want to import. Click Import Events to add the imported items.